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September 15th Box Office

Weekend of September 15th Box Office Report

Now that we are finally in the midst of September, groups of new films are making their way to theaters every week.  However, those new films continue to pale in...

Best Football Movies

Top 10 Best Football Movies

Now that the NFL is back in full force, football is on the minds of millions of people all across the United States.  Over the years, Hollywood has shared this...

September 8th Box Office

Weekend of September 8th Box Office Report

After August which was one of the worst in recent history, the box office finally has a serious jolt after this past weekend.  Stephen King’s It not only put the 2017 box...

Home Again

Film Review – Home Again (2017)

Reese Witherspoon has always been the plucky, relatable actress that you can get behind in a romantic comedy.  She’s back at in Home Again, another romantic comedy that looks to pump some...


Film Review – It (2017)

Many pointed to the adaptation of Stephen King’s It as one of their most anticipated films of the fall season.  Upon the release of the initial trailer, talk of the film...