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“I’ll Make a Man Out of You!” Mulan: 20 Years Later

Disney’s  36th animated feature film turned twenty-years-old this month. That’s right! On June 19, 1998, Mulan was released to throngs of Disney-obsessed Millennials, pre-iPhone era. That means painfully...


Hereditary Spoiler Discussion

Hereditary was a little divisive among general audiences.  Despite practically universal acclaim from critics (including yours truly), opening weekend audiences weren’t as enthusiastic, leaving the film...

Rap Soundtracks

Lose Yourself in These Rap Soundtracks

Superfly (2018) is a story about the drug scene of Atlanta and all the violence that accompanies it. Its soundtrack features bangers from rappers like Future,...


Five Reasons Why Venom Will Bomb

Since the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony decided to collaborate with Disney and implement Spider-Man to join the sandbox. This hasn’t stopped Sony from...