Here’s the next installment in the Top 10 List category: my top 10 best comedy movies!  A SPOILER ALERT will be in effect for the list, so you’ve been warned.  Note that just because a movie you may love isn’t on my list that I don’t like it!  With out further ado, here’s a couple movies that just missed the top 10.

Honorable Mentions:

21 Jump Street (2012): 21 Jump Street brings us one of the best bromances we have seen in a long time to the big screen.  The reboot of the 1987 movie is self-deprecating, witty, and even thoughtful at times.  Personally, this was the first movie in which I really enjoyed Channing Tatum (and he has continued to impress me ever since).  Tatum steals the show and displays incredible comedic timing playing off of Jonah Hill.  Rob Riggle (one of my favorite character actors) is uproariously hilarious as the villain (YOU SHOT ME IN THE DICK!!!).

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Airplane! (1980):  Often considered the ultimate spoof movie, Airplane!’s antics have stood the test of time.  Every single moment in Airplane! has some gag interwoven into the story and is one of the most parodied movies ever (looking at you Family Guy).  Leslie Nielsen, the king of spoof comedies, plays great against type as the straight man with all the chaos around him, although he does get a few shots in himself.  Just remember, please don’t call him Shirley.

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The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005):  I will always be grateful to this movie for bringing everyone Steve Carrell as a leading man.  Carrell had just found success as Brick Tamland in Anchorman a year earlier, but The 40-Year-Old Virgin gave us Carrell as the lead of an incredibly hilariously and thoughtful movie with a great supporting cast including Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, and Catherine Keener.  The 40-Year-Old Virgin is filled with memorable scenes including a gust-busting hair-waxing scene.

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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997):  Austin Powers rest solely on the shoulders of Mike Myers not only playing three separate roles, but also writing the script, and boy does he deliver.  Austin Powers is another one of those movies that is considered “stupid comedy.”  However, it expertly sends up the spy genre, almost pleading all other spy movies to stop taking themselves seriously.

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The Hangover (2009):  Although it spawned two lackluster sequels, the original is an uproarious ride.  The movie caused a resurgence in the R-rated comedy and created a classic character in Alan played by Zach Galifianakis.  The main cast has such great chemistry, allowing for hilarious banter among them.  Plus, the hangover concept was such a fresh take to the “crazy ride”movie, leading to fun new gags that haven’t really been explored in film as of 2009.

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Now that we’ve covered the “best almosts,” here’s the actual list:

#10: Wayne’s World (1992):  PARTY TIME! EXCELLENT!  Wayne’s World is one of the few Saturday Night Live sketches that really works as a feature length film.  Full of memorable dialogue,  Mike Myers and Dana Carvey team up to create a classic film of the 90’s that has stood the test of time.   This movie may be best characterized as stupid (noticing a theme?), but its memorable characters elevate Wayne’s World past the average effort.

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#9: The Big Lebowski (1998):  Arguably the most iconic Coen Brothers’ movie, The Big Lebowski is full of memorable characters such as Walter and Jesus Quintana (not to mention the Dude himself).  This movie is unlike any that I’ve ever seen.  Full of twists and turns just for the hell of it, The Big Lebowski is a ridiculous movie written by some of Hollywood’s best which created a gleefully silly and ludicrous plot that’ll make you go crazy if you think about it too long.  MovieBabble most certainly abides to this one.

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#8: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986):  Ferris Bueller encapsulates the 80’s while also aging well to speak to today’s audience.  The movie created one of the most iconic characters ever in Ferris, giving slackers everywhere an idol to look up to.  Not only is this movie hilarious and iconic, it’s also a sweet coming of age story as Ferris, Cameron, and Sloane find a little about themselves in the process of playing hookie throughout all of downtown Chicago.

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#7: Dumb and Dumber (1994):  The ultimate buddy comedy,  Dumb and Dumber finds Jim Carrey in his element with a more than game Jeff Daniels who, at the time, was not pegged as a comedic actor.  Dumb and Dumber changed the game for comedies, allowing for silly movies to once again be popular.  Carrey goes absolutely bonkers and it pays off every single time.  Unlike my previous arguments regarding stupid comedies, Dumb and Dumber is legitimately a stupid movie, but a funny one as it fully encapsulates its title.

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#6: 22 Jump Street (2014):  I am one of the biggest proponents of 22 Jump Street.  It not only has me in tears upon every viewing, but it is a commentary on the half-assed studio sequels that give audiences nothing new in the means of creativity but is just a means to make money off of the brand name and sometimes even soil the reverence for the original (*cough* both Hangover sequels *cough*).  Through witty dialogue (Jonah Hill telling Channing Tatum to do the exact same thing as their last case) and great writing by rising stars Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, 22 Jump Street creates the same movie it parodies, but even improves upon the original in my mind.

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#5: Ghostbusters (1984):  I really feel bad for the creative team involved with the all-female reboot of Ghostbusters.  They had to overcome the true comic brilliance that was the original Ghostbusters (while also fending off some gender persecution, but I digress).  Ghostbusters blends a whole lot of comedy along with a tad of science fiction and horror.  Bill Murray along with Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson create one of the most balanced teams in cinematic history in terms of their strengths (brains, street sense, humor, etc.)  From Slimer, to crossing the streams, to the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man and more, Ghostbusters lives on as a revered movie in the eyes of many, including myself.

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#4: Animal House (1978):  Animal House is the Godfather of raunchy comedies.  It set the tone for every raunchy comedy thereafter with its lovable characters such as Bluto and Flounder and absurd story points including the infamous toga party and food fight.  Animal House is an over-the-top template for frat douches everywhere and still resonates today while showing a hilarious view of fraternity life and also bringing a college’s worst fear to life on screen.  Animal is a landmark film for allowing R-rated comedies and beyond suggestive content to thrive on screen.

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#3: Step Brothers (2008):  I consider Step Brothers to be the R-rated Dumb and Dumber.  The story allows for its two leads to improv like there’s no tomorrow but also is not hampered by a PG-13 rating, leading Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly to become our favorite adult children.  Step Brothers will make even the most uptight person laugh on shear insanity alone.  What Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly do together is like letting two pitbulls off their leash.  Step Brothers is quoted by every teenage boy for its crass, memorable lines and revered for trying to make you laugh any way possible.  You’ll be appalled, shocked, and maybe even offended, but you laugh the entire way (plus don’t forget the Catalina Wine Mixer).

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#2: Anchorman (2004):  The movie that no doubt sent Will Ferrell to the top, Anchorman is a ridiculously hilarious plot that overshadows a somewhat serious plot point of women looking for equal work opportunities and stardom.  While this is certainly applause worthy, we’re all too focused on laughing at Will Ferrell as the most smug but funny news anchor in film.  While Ferrell undoubtedly puts the movie on his back, Anchorman is extremely well-cast with supporting roles from Paul Rudd, David Koechner, and Steve Carrell as the idiot we have all come to love in Brick Tamland.  In my humble opinion, Anchorman is one the best satires ever, sending up the news industry with abandon while including over the top non-sequiturs such as the famous news channel fight.  Possibly the most quotable comedy ever, Anchorman continues to age well like a fine wine.

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#1: Caddyshack (1980):  Any movie that includes Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, AND Bill Murray is destined for greatness.  Caddyshack delivers from beginning to end.  Filled with such memorable characters as Carl Spackler (who still has yet to catch that gopher), Judge Smails, Ty Webb, and of course Al Czervik (wanna make $14 the hard way?), Caddyshack is juvenile, but one of film’s best examples (if not the best) of slapstick comedy.  The film does such a great job of satirizing the stuffy lifestyle that is golf while also putting Bill Murray into the public consciousness as Carl Spackler who lives on in history as one of the most lovable dimwits in movies ever.  Practically everything Bill Murray does in Caddyshack is memorable, from his multiple attempts to catch the dreaded gopher to narrating his Masters victory while mashing flowers like golf balls.  There are numerous all-time comedic actors putting in some of their best work.  That, my friends, is certainly a recipe for comedic genius.

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There’s my list!  What are your thoughts?  Are there any movies you think I missed?  Are there movies that are too high or too low on the list?  Comment and leave your thoughts!  As always, please like/share to keep growing the MovieBabble brand!

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