Oscar Nominations and Predictions for the 89th Academy Awards

Nick Kush

A current college student, Nick founded MovieBabble in October of 2016. As a film critic, he offers content that is meant to entertain as well as educate. He fell in love with film after first seeing Forrest Gump and has been hooked ever since.

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  1. tgbom says:

    Great insights!
    I have made some predictions of my own in my new blog… check it out!!

  2. Carrie says:

    Gosh very well predicted lol. I’ve seen all of the 9 movies. I loved la la land but mostly bc I’ve got personal connection with it. I went to see Manchester four times just bc I wanted to see Casey’s heartbreaking performance. I’d love to see Arrival win (which is impossible I know) but after I read the book, I think it at least deserves a best adapted screenplay. I can see how hard it is to adapt it into a great film that not as emotional as Interstellar, or as predictable as The Martian. Amy Adams is the biggest snob this year FOR SURE! Been rooting for her for years! They totally broke my heart this time. Taraji P. Henson should’ve been nominated too. I agree with most of your predictions except best original screenplay I think it will be Manchester

    • MovieBabble says:

      I wasn’t as big of a fan of Manchester as other people, I’d honestly prefer something else to win best original screenplay

      • Carrie says:

        Like I said Manchester would win. However, I don’t think I’m gonna watch oscars anymore. I truly believe that la la land deserves a lot better “result” than this. I was watching oscars live last night. Imagine how I felt when I witnessed that accident as a huge fan of la la land. How ironic

      • MovieBabble says:

        I wouldn’t stop watching over that gaff, it could’ve happened to anyone!

  3. Finally someone else who has a soft spot for Andrew Garfield. He was so good in Hacksaw Ridge! Don’t think he will win this year, but only a matter of time before he gets an Oscar for something !

  4. Solid list. I agree with most of that list. I think Moonlight might take best picture though and I think Kubo or Moana might get up on Zootopia but that is a stacked category. Other than that I agree with most of your predictions.

  5. shahzodav says:

    Great thoughts! I liked Arrival quite a lot and I also was thinking Eric Heisserer should get it.

  6. I really hope Naomie Harris wins for Best Supporting Actress. She was just mesmerizing and totally transformed.

  7. Karandi says:

    I don’t really pay attention to the acadmey awards. Most of the movies I actually really enjoy don’t get nominations and I seldom agree with their choices.
    Thanks for sharing your choices for the categories.

    • MovieBabble says:

      The academy definitely slants towards the more “dignified” movies for sure. There’s also a ton of politics involved and it basically comes down to how much studios campaign for their movies. I’d love it if movies like Deadpool or The Nice Guys would’ve gotten nominated for writing or something since they were really smart in their hilarity. Hopefully the tide turns sooner or later!

  8. Dildo schwaggins says:

    Your thoughts are meaningless. You are meaningless. I hope you get parkinsons so your hands shake too much to type these articles anymore

  9. Well said! I agree with pretty much all of your predictions, but I still have so many movies to see before I can make my own choices!

  10. MovieBabble says:

    Thanks so much!

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