Top 10: Best Sports Movies

Nick Kush

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  1. TMH says:

    The list brought back good memories.

    • Nick Kush says:

      It really does! I just rewatched Rocky the other day and it still stands up completely. There aren’t too many good sports movies anymore

  2. petriesan says:

    Nice list. Not sure how I would rank them, but the ones on my list would be
    Baseball: Major League, A League of their Own, Pride of the Yankees, Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, The Natural, Bad News Bears, 42, and Damn Yankees
    Football: North Dallas 40, The (original) Longest Yard, and We Are Marshall
    Golf: Tin Cup, Happy Gilmore, and Caddyshack
    Boxing: Rocky and Raging Bull
    Others: Miracle, The Big Lebowski and Rollerball

    That’s twenty, and a lot of Kevin Costner. Thankfully, neither you nor I have Rudy on the list.

    Thanks for following me

  3. People are passionate about sports and they bring that same passion to their feelings about sports movies. You could have an endless conversation about this list – there’s so many good movies that haven’t even been mentioned in the comments (White Men Can’t Jump, North Dallas Forty, Friday Night Lights, He Got Game, Slap Shot, etc.). Likewise, you could have a similarly passionate debate over the 10 worst sports movies.

  4. These are all great movies! I would have to say that Remember the Titans is my favorite one.

  5. Great lost! The sandlot for sure is my go to 🙂 and maybe field of dreams.

  6. Jade says:

    Great list! Does Foxcatcher count? 🙂

    • MovieBabble says:

      Hmmm I didn’t even think of Foxcatcher when I was making the list! I’d consider it a sports movie since the plot does revolve around wrestling, but I think there’s definitely a strong argument for it be viewed as a psychological thriller. I think I’d still keep these ten over it though!

      • Jade says:

        Agreed, it leaves a stronger impression as a psychological thriller for sure. The Wrestler would have made my list, but then again, the sport is mostly used as a backdrop. So strictly speaking, Rocky would have to be my #1 too. And of course, the other 9 are equally solid choices!

      • MovieBabble says:

        You’re too kind, just doing my best!

  7. Writergurlny says:

    Where is A League Of Their Own in your list?

  8. I really like Caddyshack and The Natural! I love sports movies with Kevin Costner, but I actually wasn’t in love with Bull Durham. Rather, I love Tin Cup and Field of Dreams!

  9. Pretty solid list, Creed wouldn’t of made my sports list. I would definitely of had Field of Dreams, Happy Gilmore, The Sandlot on my list

  10. Tina Kush says:

    Million dollar baby

  11. Great list. I have to say Remember the Titans would be number one on my list as it one of my favourite movies of all time. I now need to see a few of the movies on your list now. I recently watched 42 and thought that was a really well made sports movie.

  12. MovieBabble says:

    Thanks so much!

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