Film Review – The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

Nick Kush

A current college student, Nick founded MovieBabble in October of 2016. As a film critic, he offers content that is meant to entertain as well as educate. He fell in love with film after first seeing Forrest Gump and has been hooked ever since.

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  1. mikeymix says:

    Hey! Absolutely loved reading this review, I’ve been wanting to see this movie for a while but was never sure if it would live up to the original. Also: my friend runs a movie reviewing blog (he’s got some good stuff and I’m not just saying that because he’s my friend!) if you get a minute you should check him out (

  2. Ocean Bream says:

    I enjoyed this review, you highlighted several things here which I found hilarious; despite the fact that I came away from the movie with lots of negative thoughts about it. I loved batman in the lego movie, but I don’t think he did very well in this movie alone. But it made for a brilliant spoof and I did find myself laughing at several points in this film.

  3. says:

    Brilliantly bonkers film! Just posted mine and I don’t think writing a review has made me smile so much just thinking about a film in some time haha! It’s not DC-hating it’s just true!

  4. Great Review’s Come Check Out Some Of Ours!

  5. Thank you for not pretending 50 shades is a legitimate production, like so many other critics are.

  6. I watched The Lego Movie and liked it to quite an extent. I guess I’d like to watch this Lego movie too. After all, Lego has been a huge part of my childhood and its Batman we’re talking about; it’s like taking two good things and putting them together to create something awesome. (See what I did there?) 😛

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