Top 10: Best Space Movies

Nick Kush

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  1. nahtmmm says:

    Apollo 13 is one I’ve seen. I would agree, based on dim memories, that it’s a pretty good movie that doesn’t feel Hollywood.

    I would put Close Encounters above it though. That is a brilliant, four-star film, to me. Not just Dreyfuss, but all the others turn in great performances, even the children. I had the chance to re-watch it in a theater a month ago and the mothership model looks gorgeous.

    Empire is the consensus best SW movie, but some rank A New Hope higher and I don’t disagree with them. It accomplishes the task of keeping the Rebel cause on the very brink of disaster almost throughout the film, by introducing one plot element after another and without resorting to long action sequences or cheap-feeling coincidences to keep the threat alive. That’s pretty remarkable in my experience. Empire certainly deserves all its praise though, snd in the end I’m content to just say they’re both the best of SW.

  2. petriesan says:

    I did one like this awhile back – but it was Sci-Fi. . it is very hard to do. You list is pretty outstanding. If you wanna look, mine is here:

  3. Good list. The Martian and Fifth Element would have made it on there for me. Lots to choose from though

  4. film4fan says:

    Good list! There are lots of good space movies, so I can imagine how hard it was to choose which ones would make the list.

  5. jamelash says:

    I love movies so I think this is a most useful site. 😍

  6. Great list!

    I personally found Close Encounters and 2001: A Space Odyssey to be quite boring. But Apollo 13 was definitely an amazing movie!

    I assumed Gravity, Interstellar, and/or The Martian would have made this list somewhere as well.

  7. Interstellar? :’)

  8. raistlin0903 says:

    This is a truly great list. Aliens will always be my absolute favorite scifi movie. I always see Star Wars as something seperate from the “normal ” movies. I enjoy them so much, and am such a huge fan of the franchise, that I think they are pretty much a League of their own. Great and highly enjoyable post 😊

  9. This is a good list. I would have included The Martian and Arrival, but perhaps they haven’t been around long enough to provide a sense of perspective.

    • MovieBabble says:

      The Martian was an honorable mention (maybe 11th or 12th) and pained me to keep off the list! As for Arrival, I don’t know if I would characterize it as a “space” movie necessarily, but that may change as time goes on!

  10. Alien, Aliens, Wall-E, Guardians: totally with you. I’m one of those people who never caught up with Star Wars (which I will one day..hopefully). So my list would change quite a bit from yours. Mine would probably have Pitch Black and Event Horizon and The Fifth Element somewhere.

  11. Interesting list. I’ve seen A New Hope, so I can’t judge it. I would’ve probably put The Martian on the list, as I drift more toward hard SF in space movies. I’d be curious, too, where you’d put Arrival in relationship to this list. Fun read. Cheers

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