Film Review – O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

Nick Kush

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  1. Jeff says:

    One of my favorite movies. The music, as mentioned in previous comments, is stellar. “Down in the River to Pray,” “Go to Sleep, Little Baby,” and, of course, “Man of Constant Sorrows,” sung by members of Union Station. Classic lines, such as “How’s my hair?” and “Damn, we’re in a tight spot,” and that scene in the movie house, “Do not seek the treasure,” and “We thought you was a toad!”

  2. Oooo, now I want to see this!

  3. Claire says:

    I’m not a huge George Clooney fan but love this film, the Coen brothers are very clever and have made some excellent films, they always get the characters and actors spot on.

  4. sfloore says:

    I am currently taking a college course on the Coen Brothers and this film is coming up for us. I’m excited to see it now!

  5. fillums says:

    I’m with James. It’s the music that has stayed with me. I loved the film on first viewing, slightly less so on repeat viewings – some of the weaknesses you pointed out become more apparent I think. But I still love the music and listening to it pulls me back into the world of the film. Those sirens in the river! The Coens are masters at creating a sense of place.

  6. I love the music in this film. Alison Krauss, Norman Blake etc. Must have watched it a hundred times growing up, Thanks for the review!

  7. My wife and I love this movie. Their expressions when they’re singing, and then, that dancing, and the twists of a depression era setting on The Odyssey, and some of the lines. It is clever writing and excellent deliveries. When Blake, as Delmar, says, “They turned Pete into a horny toad,” I lose it every time.

    I’m a Coen brothers fan, as well, and this movie helped cement a place for them in me. Great review. Cheers

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