Tropic Thunder (2008): A Ridiculous But Warranted Satire

Nick Kush

A current college student, Nick founded MovieBabble in October of 2016 in order to grow his own movie knowledge as well as share his own thoughts with others in a streamlined fashion. As MovieBabble continues to grow, Nick hopes to one day become a reputable critic that many turn to first for a quality movie review.

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  1. jimbelton says:

    I liked almost every moment that Ben Stiller wasn’t on the screen. There are scenes where he is interacting with the rest of the cast where he is tolerable. All of the scenes where he is on his own (or with the enemy) are awful.

    • MovieBabble says:

      Ben Stiller is certainly a love him or hate type of guy. I personally enjoy at times, but I understand where you’re coming from!

  1. August 5, 2017

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