Unforgettable (2017): An Apt Name for the Wrong Reasons

Nick Kush

A current college student, Nick founded MovieBabble in October of 2016 in order to grow his own movie knowledge as well as share his own thoughts with others in a streamlined fashion. As MovieBabble continues to grow, Nick hopes to one day become a reputable critic that many turn to first for a quality movie review.

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  1. Meli Kirk says:

    Thank you for saving me from the hell of $12 and 2 hours I’ll never get back. I had such high hopes for this movie, too. Dammit Rosario… make better choices!

  2. MovieBabbleBabble says:

    MovieBabbleBabble gives this review an A.

  3. jimbelton says:

    “What I liked: nothing” LOL

  4. I love this review. I think bad ones can be more fun to write! It’s sad to see actors who started out with so much promise go downhill in the way Katherine Heigl has.

  5. TheWarner says:

    My favorite part of this review: “What I Liked: Nothing.” 😂😂😂 After watching the trailer, that’s exactly the reaction I was expecting.

  6. ‘What type of message is this movie trying to relate? That women need men in order to be happy?’

    You ever seen a happy single woman….that’s right no you haven’t.

    Movie is still shit tho.

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