Film Review – Wish Upon (2017)

Nick Kush

A current college student, Nick founded MovieBabble in October of 2016. As a film critic, he offers content that is meant to entertain as well as educate. He fell in love with film after first seeing Forrest Gump and has been hooked ever since.

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  1. Dylan Langes says:

    I had zero interest in this when the plot and trailers released. Will probably give it a miss

    • Nick Kush says:

      It’s certainly not worth you paying to see it. Hopefully I took the bullet so a lot of other people don’t have to lol

  2. MoviegeekRob says:

    Good review Nick. I actually gave it a better score in my review because of the reasons you didn’t like it. In the end I wouldn’t recommend this be seen in theatres at all but given its target audience, I think this movie did try and make it for specific people and not the wide range of horror fans. I turned to my friend I saw this with and said that, “This movie is not going to scare you, it will probably be more fun than anything”. He assumed he was going to be freaked out. That’s what it was. It was just a fun movie. Since this movie did make it to the big screen, did i expect better writing or characters yes but in the end I have definitely seen worse. I thought the ending was good. It ended exactly how it should have ended. The sad attempt to make this movie close to Final Destination was insulting, especially with a pg 13 rating but sometimes the teens need their own version of stuff too. This is definitely a rental but I still had fun watching it.

    • Nick Kush says:

      Like I said in the review, I had more fun with this movie than any of the comedies this year so it definitely deserves some type of praise!

  3. MoviegeekRob says:

    Nice review. For those who really enjoy horror movies, this one will fail to impress but like you said, it’s fun. This is why wish upon received a better score from me. In my review I didn’t really get into the content and more of how it would entertain you in the end. The expectation that the film is going to be a well written scare fest is reaching. To some who are not use to horror movies will be effected by the messed up deaths that occur. I actually loved the ending. I saw it coming and it was exactly what should of happened in the long run. Not sure if you caught it but they actually put a post credit scene in he movie. As if people really wanted to stay behind for potential sequel tease. Check out my review Nick.

  4. Chris Scott says:

    As an October Redbox rental for a Friday night film with friends this kind of sounds awesome.

    • Nick Kush says:

      I might have to agree there! Personally, it was so silly that I wasn’t ever bored. It be perfect in a group setting because you could all take terms making fun of all the stupid characters and funny deaths.

  5. Well that is disappointing. I was kind of looking forward to this because I’ve been needing some good horror in my life lately. (I hate waiting until October to get it). Perhaps, I shall wait until this get released on Playstation and save my money.

    Excellent review, though! 🙂

  6. Keith Noakes says:

    I kind of had an inkling that this would be the case so I was mad when it got pulled from theatrical release here in Canada because I still wanted to see it.

  7. Henry says:

    A demon box? Sounds like a really bad Hellraiser rehash!

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