Film Review – Flatliners (2017)

Nick Kush

A current college student, Nick founded MovieBabble in October of 2016. As a film critic, he offers content that is meant to entertain as well as educate. He fell in love with film after first seeing Forrest Gump and has been hooked ever since.

5 Responses

  1. So the movie flatlined, eh? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) I saw the original many, many years ago, and I do remember liking it.

  2. raistlin0903 says:

    Not really a big surprise to see this one failed to meet expectations. One sometimes has to wonder why Hollywood continues to make films based on old classics (then again the buzz around the new Bladerunner movie even has me very excited right now 😀).

    • Nick Kush says:

      Who knows, Sony is really struggling so they probably franticly looked for something that they could maybe get some money from.

  3. Nick Kush says:

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