Film Review – Iron Man (2008)

Nick Kush

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  1. Steve says:

    Re: RDJ is Iron Man […] Tell all that to Jack “The Joker” Nicholson 😉 Time moves on eventually for all of us whether we like it or not. As for Iron Man, you’ve hit the nail on the head for what made it work – a sense of realism sorely lacking in a lot of superhero films. It feels like real life, *almost.

    • Nick Kush says:

      I dont fault you for thinking that way! I personally grew up with the Ledger Joker so he’s mine, but its just one of those things where theres been a few to play the character that it has turned into a generational thing

    • Korlis says:

      “Tell all that to Jack “The Joker” Nicholson” – my thought exactly! RDJ is undoubtedly a fantastic Tony Stark, and until/unless someone steps into the role he will remain unchallenged, but there’s always the opportunity for new actors to bring something different.

  2. Hard to believe that it’s been nearly a full decade since this film kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Man, has the series come a long way since then. Let us not forget that this and The Dark Knight both came out in 2008. That year officially marked the end of a five-year growing pains period for the superhero movie genre and brought it to a whole new level of story-telling. After Spider-Man made this action sub-genre relevant again, good films in that period were few and far between. Sure, we had the sheer awesomeness of Spider-Man 2 and Batman Begins during that frame, but we also had epic misfires with Ang Lee’s Hulk, Daredevil (watch the far-better Director’s Cut over the jumbled theatrical version), Catwoman, Elektra, FOX’s first two Fantastic Four films, Ghost Rider, Underdog and even (if you can believe this) My Super Ex-Girlfriend. 2005’s Constantine wasn’t half-bad, but not too many people talk about it, especially with Matt Ryan’s recent portrayal. To wrap my comment up, what the MCU succeeded at while others (Amazing Spider-Man films, Dark Universe & especially the DC Extended Universe, even though they’ve weathered the tide of criticism) is that if you want to have your own cinematic universe, that’s fine. However, you have to slowly build it up with several stand-alone stories. You’re permitted to place a few elements that you can pay off in later installments, especially since we can look back and see how they were wonderfully established. However, what those other films series are doing is that they feel the need to catch up to the MCU in one fell swoop. This makes their narratives clunky and the singular pieces fall flat with no genuine weight to them. Anyway, RBJ was awesome here and I’ve adapted his voice in some capacity when I read a comic book involving Iron Man these days. Keep up the good work, Nicky!

    • Nick Kush says:

      Spot on there! Iron Man is its own story. Does it leave the possibility for more stories? Obviously, but it doesn’t come at the detriment of this film’s story. Films like The Mummy are literally an hour and half ling commercials for future films. Where’s the fun in that? lol

      • Same thing with what ultimately doomed Marc Webb’s version of Amazing Spider-Man. Yes, we can blame studio interference from Sony for ultimately condemning this second attempt at the web-slinger. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it kept shoving “Secret Six is coming” down our throats. Funny since Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have this film, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (though that pile of vomit can be blamed more on Michael Bay, due to the Writer’s Strike that went on at the time), the somewhat-hated by fans Star Trek Into Darkness and even (well, what do you know) The Mummy connected to them!

      • Nick Kush says:

        Lol yes! I never really understand how Kurtzman still gets work when he’s had such high profile misses

      • Must be the same level of stupidity (maybe even a pact with Satan) that allows Michael Bay to keep directing, which is: “If it’s broke but makes a butt-load of money, why bother to fix it?”

      • Nick Kush says:

        Alex Kurtzmann’s work doesn’t even make that much money! lol

      • Nice! Getting back to the main article at hand, Iron Man also has an awesome soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi. My personal favorite tracks are “Riding with the Top Down”, “Merchant of Death” and “Mark I”, though I also dig the Iron Man song from the casino (which introduces our main character) as a snazzy version of the old school theme (which is also on the album). I’ve rented it from my local library several times and it’s awesome. No wonder why the guy also worked on awesome things like Game Of Thrones.

      • Nick Kush says:

        Absolutely! That’s the type of thing that gets forgotten in the Marvel movies. They don’t seem to like to continue on with the same themes for characters.

  3. OlaG says:

    Thanks for the review! I still consider the first Iron Man as the best of the Iron Man franchise – in my opinion it has what the subsequent films lack, i.e. a ton of heart and freshness, rare in today’s rehashed movie industry.

    • Nick Kush says:

      I’d have to agree there! Although I think Iron Man 3 gets some unnecessary hate for its twist which, although it doesn’t pay homage to the comics, work perfectly well within the story.

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