Best Movies of October 2017

Nick Kush

A current college student, Nick founded MovieBabble in October of 2016. As a film critic, he offers content that is meant to entertain as well as educate. He fell in love with film after first seeing Forrest Gump and has been hooked ever since.

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  1. Netflix has been releasing some really great original movies. Have you seen The Babysitter? A solid film, more entertaining/clever than most of what’s come out of Hollywood lately.

  2. Bryan Caron says:

    Thanks Nick. I don’t get Netflix, so I couldn’t check out the Adam Sandler movie, and I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of 1922… was that also on Netflix (or maybe Hulu or Amazon)? As for Blade Runner, though I also found the film better than the original, I still felt it was a little too cold for my taste, and perhaps a wee bit long. Had it had a slightly tighter runtime, it may have been a different story! NO, my top 3 is an eclectic batch, which I’m not sure if you’d agree, but it is what it is:

    3) Jigsaw (like you said in your review, it may not convert non-fans, but fans of the franchise, as I am, will most likely find this one gives the waning series a good jolt); 2) Goodbye Christopher Robin; 1) Only the Brave (Big sucker for these types of films, and the acting was all on point)!

    • Nick Kush says:

      1922 was also a Netflix release, which is probably why you haven’t hear of it. Unfortunately, I missed out on both Goodbye Christopher Robin and Only the Brave this month. I don’t think Goodbye Christopher Robin expanded into enough territories for me to take a look at it and Only The Brave, well, life got in the way that weekend lol.

  3. Another fine monthly recap from you, good sir! From checking out your review of “1922”, it continues to help me appreciate how understated and underrated Thomas Jane is as an actor. He’s my favorite portrayal of the theatrical-released Punishers and even he reprises the character in a 10-minute fan film directed by film & music video director Phil Joanou called “The Punisher: Dirty Laundry” (which you must check out, since it’s only 10 minutes long). Plus, he voiced the titular character in the DC Showcase short “Jonah Hex”. He’s got a southern accent there too, so check that out and my review of it on my website. Next, it is a huge breath of fresh air to hear about Adam Sandler actually giving a crap in something that’s not a generic, auto-pilot comedy for the 1 billionth time. May he keep this up and resurrect something that was once his career. Finally, I’ve seen Blade Runner 2049 once and enjoyed it. It saddens me to hear that it’s not doing so well at the box office, since it feels like a general audience doesn’t want to use its brain when watching a movie (I blame Michael Bay-esque films for this). I plan on seeing this again, but with my parents since they love the original Blade Runner.

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