Film Review – My Friend Dahmer (2017)

Nick Kush

A current college student, Nick founded MovieBabble in October of 2016. As a film critic, he offers content that is meant to entertain as well as educate. He fell in love with film after first seeing Forrest Gump and has been hooked ever since.

4 Responses

  1. I forgot this movie was being made!

    • Nick Kush says:

      I was shocked that it was playing at a theater near me since it’s such a small film, but I’m so glad I got out and saw it!

  2. Interesting. It reminds me of an interview I watched with Dahmer and his father not too long before he was killed. It was strangely affecting to watch because neither could truly comprehend how a mind could go so terribly wrong.

    • Nick Kush says:

      It’s certainly fascinating! It’s like watching a train wreck that you know is gonna happen slowly occur over time

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