The DC Extended Universe Can Still Work, and Here’s How

Nick Kush

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  1. To be honest, I would just scrap the DCEU in its current incarnation and start over from scratch but I would be open to a Flash film where he reboots the timeline himself. Whatever happens, the DCEU cannot continue as it is right now.

  2. Even though I love Marvel’s stable of heroes, I grew up as a DC kid, especially with Bruce Timm’s DC Animated Universe giving us 14 solid years of quality story-telling that treated its kid audience like adults. I can totally agree that the DC Extended Universe does have some promise, but mainly suffers from lacking a Kevin Fiege-type leader to help guide the series. I really hope that the series can get on track and doesn’t get canned, since it gave us Wonder Woman, the film that finally helped the genre snap the live-action, theatrically-released superheroine movie curse. I do feel bad for Ben Affleck. Just like Hugh Jackman in some of the critically-poor X-Men movies, I get the sense that he is trying, but surrounded by a weak foundation. However, it seems like he personally feels the same way that Guillermo Del Toro felt when he unsuccessfully tried to make a video game (twice) in that they feel like an albatross towards that field and that if he continues to be in a superhero film, then World War III will break out. May Aquaman finally join Wonder Woman and bring some stability to this series, even if Justice League doesn’t perform like W.B. wanted it too.

    • Nick Kush says:

      I agree on Affleck, I feel like BvS broke him a little bit. You could tell that he put everything into that movie and was so disappointed in the final product and fan reception. Who knows, I hope he stays on, but the rumor mill appears to say otherwise.

  3. I’m tired of seeing Ben Affleck as Batman. He is to bulky for the role and can’t talk like batman should. The DC Universe has incredible heroes. Interesting, powerful and cool heroes. No one can say the MCU has the best heroes and DC has the shit ones because it not true. DC will be ok in my opinion just needs to brings us good movies 🙂

    • Nick Kush says:

      I agree! Marvel has just done a great job of creating great characters that we can get behind. They made us like a talking raccoon! Lol

  4. I haven’t thought about it much, but you’re probably right, let’s give it some time.

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