5 Questions After Seeing The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi was finally released this past weekend, and it answered a lot of questions set up in The Force Awakens.  It might not have answered them to the liking of most fans, but that’s another issue entirely.  However, there are still some loose threads left for Episode IX.  Here are five questions that still haven’t been answered after The Last Jedi:

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  Do NOT read it until you have seen the movie

1. What’s the future of the Resistance?

By the end of the movie, the majority of Resistance fighters are killed in battle. This happens in the opening scene, when the escape transports are shot.  What’s left afterwards is decimated in the battle on Crait.  In the shuttle at the end of the film, there were legitimately well under 50 soldiers left. This fact will most likely be a main plot point for Episode IX, especially after a child used the Force to pick up a broom to further signify that hope still reigns in the galaxy.  But, it’s still reasonable to wonder how the Resistance can come back from these major losses.

2. Will we ever see Luke again?

Luke sadly passed on in the name of the Force, and it was a very emotionally, powerful moment. But, there’s still a chance we could see Luke in a Star Wars movie in the future.  Force ghosts are a thing, so there’s definitely a chance that Mark Hamill will come back to play Luke again.  It would be interesting to see Kylo Ren become haunted by Luke Skywalker’s ghost in Episode IX.  Or, maybe he could guide Rey.  I just don’t think we’ve seen the end of Luke just yet.

3. How will Episode IX handle Leia?

Sadly, Carrie Fisher past about a year ago, and General Leia was still alive at the end of Episode VIII.  There’s only two ways to get around this unfortunate event.  Lucasfilm could either recast Leia or say that she passed between Episodes XIII and IX.  The latter option seems more plausible, but recasting is still possible.  After all, J.J. Abrams is still figuring out the story to Episode IX.

It seems obvious that Lucasfilm’s plan was to kill Han Solo in XII, kill Luke in XIII, and kill Leia in Episode IX.  Those plans clearly have to change.  Carrie Fisher played a major part of the Star Wars universe, and in whatever they do, her absense will radiate through the galaxy.

4. Are Rey’s parents actually nobody?

Kylo explains to Rey that when they were connected, he saw her parents.  They were apparently gamblers who sold her for money.  However, Kylo is already established as an unreliable narrator, so Kylo could have lied to fill Rey with rage.  It was Rey herself that said they were nobody, but might be misinformed as well. They left when she was a small child, so her memory from that time is not very clear.  Personally, I think they probably are nobody.  J.J. might retcon this idea in later versions of the script, however.


5. Who is Snoke?

Supreme Leader Snoke is killed by Kylo Ren when he is told to kill Rey, which might be the biggest surprise of the movie.  However, The Last Jedi never goes into detail about who Snoke was or how he became powerful.  It seems like he is even more powerful than Emperor Palpatine, so it would be great to know more about his character.  They will probably explain this in a canon book or comic, but it was a little unsatisfying to not get any answers about his origins.  We could see him again because we’ve established many things are possible through the Force, but I doubt we’ll get any answers in the movies anytime soon.

Thanks for reading!  Do you have any questions after seeing The Last Jedi?  How do you think these questions will be addressed?  Comment down below!

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30 Responses

  1. I am so sorry, but for whatever is worth here are my very cynical/angry answers to the five questions:

    What’s the future of the Resistance? What ever Disney need it to be in order to have explosion and cool things like that…
    Will we ever see Luke again? Hopefully never…after what he did I don’t think I could look him in the eyes.
    How will Episode IX handle Leia? Sadly and hopefully an offscreen death…I’m dreading the return of bad Leia CG (JJ that one was on you!)
    Are Rey’s parents actually nobody? YES, they are…because…well just because fan theories are stupid!
    Who is Snoke? A stage prop.

    (My non-cynical theory is that he was a clone and Snoke is hiding somewhere else)…

    Funny things is that amongst all the movies I have seen, this one in particularly challenges my blood pressure! I grant you that the movie looked beautiful, its colors and set design were impeccable but in terms of story I was sooooo disappointed, but that a topic for another day…your questions are very valid and great discussion points.


  2. I really hope they do not bring Leia back for the next movie. I realize they were caught flat-footed this time, but to keep her going at this point would be truly goulish.

    • Trey Davis says:

      I don’t think they’ll bring her back. It’ll probably be explained that she passed between episodes XIII and IX

    • hoplite39 says:

      It will be interesting to see how they deal with Leia in a tasteful and appropriate way. If Leia does not appear, they have two choices: a) She dies off screen in som heroic fashion, probably at the start of the next movie; or b) She remains as the distant leader of the resistance, who is tslked about but never seen (a little like the emperor in ANH).

  3. hoplite39 says:

    They make clear there are resistance allies in the outer rim. There are lots of people to oppose the FO.
    Possibly as a ghost
    Interesting question.
    For now, Rey’s patents are nobody. But Disney have the option present a more profitable heritage if it’s more profitable.
    More info on Snook’s background would be welcome. However, we didn’t have any background info on the Emperor in the original trilogy either. In effect, it looks like he is a Palpatine wannabe, but less competent.

  4. Gargi Mehra says:

    Great post! I’m not convinced by the story about Rey’s parents. Also didn’t they show Luke and Leia having a brief mental connection? Based on that scene my money was on Rey and Kylo Ren turning about to be siblings though I can’t explain how (yet)!

  5. Helene says:

    Nice read, I still hope Snoke will be back. 🙂

  6. ianthecool says:

    Yeah these definitely are the big questions. I like that w really don’t know where episode 9 is going, in terms of the resistance.

    Luke is definitely coming back as force ghost. The great line “see you soon kid” pretty much tells us that.

    As for Leia, no way they recast her. No way. Can you imagine the uproar that would cause? There’s no way they would do that.

    I like that Rey’s parent’s aren’t really anyone. I hoped that this was the case after I watched Force Awakens and Im glad that it appears to be. Having her left on the desert planet doesn’t make sense otherwise, and I also just like the idea that she is just a hero of circumstance.

    I honestly think that fans are far more interested in Snoke’s backstory than the filmmakers are, and I don’t think we’re getting anything about him in the next film. I also don’t think its necessary to learn more about him.

    Thanks for the article! Fun stuff to mull over.

    • Trey Davis says:

      Great points! I might agree with what you said about Snoke. I think they’ll explain that in a book instead of a movie.

      • Brad R. Edwards says:

        I agree, I think they’ll leave the Snoke backstory to the Extended Universe now since it’s obvious many, many fans happily consume the books and graphic novels as well as the films. Whether that is a good or a bad thing regarding Snoke’s backstory I’m undecided.

  7. Brad R. Edwards says:

    I fail to believe Snoke won’t return again and we won’t find out more about him. I watched a video by Star Wars Theory recently on YouTube and the guy behind that was talking about how JJ Abrams is doing Episode IX and will bring back Snoke. He also theorised about how Luke appeared younger as a Force Ghost and Snoke looked visibly younger in the Throne Room. If he was powerful enough to bridge the gap between Rey and Kylo and allow them to speak across the universe, he could theoretically be powerful enough to create an illusion of his body splitting in two.

    As for Leia I think the episode will start with her off-screen death, probably not even featuring the character but if they wanted to, they could always use CGI like they did in Rogue One.

    Great post and summed up my questions after watching The Last Jedi.

    • Trey Davis says:

      I agree that Snoke could come back. I think it might take away the twist in TLJ if they do, but I’m actually not completely opposed to it. I also agree with you on the Leia theory. Ep. IX could start with her funeral. Lucasfilm already said they weren’t doing a CGI character thankfully. These are some great points. Glad you enjoyed reading!

  8. katemcfly says:

    I’m still hoping we’ll find something out about Snoke, that was the biggest disappointment for me although I still very much enjoyed the movie.

    After thinking about it for a while, I actually am hoping that Reys’ parents are nobody because it means that great power does not have to be born from greatness, which is again shown to us in the end of the film with the little boy using The Force to pick up the broom.

    • Nick Kush says:

      I liked that idea with Rey as well! After all, i’m pretty sure Anakin came from nothing too!

    • Trey Davis says:

      I agree with everything you just said! I liked the Rey reveal for the reasons you just stated, and Snoke was disappointing because of how they set him up in the Force Awakens.

  9. They already answered #5…literal nobody

  10. floatinggold says:

    Not be a party pooper here, but … is that saga ever going to end? It’s getting to be a little too much. The dollar signs in the eyes of the producers are just maddening.

  11. Nick Kush says:

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