Must-See Argentinian Thrillers (Watch)

While most of us in the United States keep our movie palates restricted to mostly American films, there’s an entire world of full of great films that cover stories that are rarely seen by general audiences but still have the same cinematic flair and touch.  In an effort to expand the film knowledge of cinephiles all around the world, director Richard Keaney is sharing his own knowledge of world cinema that will help viewers come to learn and appreciate the art form in a different way.  The start of his series covers the great country of Argentina.  More specifically, must-see Argentinian thrillers.

Why thrillers, you ask?  Well, you have to start somewhere when venturing into films from other cultures, and gripping, tense thrill-rides are easily accessible — no matter what language you may speak.

To find some must-see Argentinian thrillers to watch for yourself, check out director Richard Keaney’s video on the topic below:


To watch more content from director Richard Keaney, check out his YouTube channel FilMyWatchlist by clicking here.

Thanks for reading!  What are some must-see Argentinian thrillers in your mind?  Comment down below!

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