Every Batman Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

On July 18th, 2008, Christopher Nolan graced the world with the best Batman movie and also what many call the best superhero movie of all time. Of course, I’m talking about The Dark Knight. That’s right, The Dark Knight is TEN years old. Man I feel old…

Nolan’s gritty, realistic take on the Batman character has resonated with just about everyone since its release ten years ago. In fact, many other studios have tried to replicate the film’s serious tone and far-reaching themes in their own properties. Need I remind you of that gritty Power Rangers reboot?

Many would even say that the film’s success plagued the initial run of movies in the DCEU or, as it was rebranded at Comic-Con over the weekend, the “Worlds of DC,” hampering the tone of the Superman character as well as trapping heroes in needlessly complex and serious tales.

Nevertheless, The Dark Knight was a monumental success, spurring the love for the character that we see today. As a celebration of the movie and the character at its core, it only seems fair that we take a trip through memory lane and rank each Batman movie!


For a discussion of the rankings of the Batman movies, watch the video above.

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Note: For the purpose of these rankings, we’ll keep the list only to the Batman films that were given a theatrical release.

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