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DC Extended Universe

Aquaman has quickly become the most profitable — and possibly the most popular — DC Extended Universe film to date. With the AT&T-WB merger in the past, we’re now entering a time when DC has a better, more defined outlook of the future. It’s fairly safe to assume that the darkest days of the DCEU are behind us. 

Still, the DCEU now has a colorful, all-over-the-place library of films. Here are our rankings of every DC Extended movie put to screen thus far:

#6: Suicide Squad (2016)

The film’s production schedule had a ton of studio interference, and the final product clearly shows that.

Suicide Squad had the tough job of introducing many new characters that have never been seen on screen in live-action such as Deadshot and Harley Quinn. While those two characters add a lot of fun to the mix, most of the other characters are hollow cardboard cutouts or racial stereotypes.

The story is another issue altogether as it hardly works as a cohesive unit most likely due to the extensive reshoots on the film. With horrendous editing and no sense of vision, one could make the argument that this is the worst blockbuster of the 2010’s.

Honestly, Suicide Squad acts more like a music video to a subpar New Metal band than an actual movie.

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#5: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Considered by many to be their most anticipated film of all-time before its release, Batman V Superman was vastly underwhelming.  Although the film also incurred studio interference, the vision behind the film was also a bit flawed.

The film’s run time is bloated to about two and half hours, and approximately an hour and a half of that time is spent discussing arbitrary traits of gods that you learn in your freshman-year philosophy class from a disillusioned professor that still believes he’s on the verge of writing the next great American novel.

At least Ben Affleck was pretty awesome as Batman.  The warehouse scene is the best piece of Batman action that has been on the big screen, and it’ll probably stay that way for a while.

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#4: Justice League (2017)

We all know the story behind Justice League by now. Radically restructured after negative backlash to BvS, Justice League feels exactly like what it is: a Zack Snyder movie repurposed as a Joss Whedon joint. The characters look odd as they CGI-move around a digitally brightened CGI backdrop to fight a CGI villain with a CGI MacGuffin. (Seriously, the amount of obvious CGI immediately dates the movie to around 2008.) All the initial bite of Snyder’s vision — though probably misguided — is lost for some hit or miss quip work by Whedon. Justice League is a facsimile of a Marvel in that way.

Still, Justice League removed all of the baggage and pretentiousness from the previous DC Extended Universe films. It moves at an overly brisk pace that feels like a breath of fresh air. (A dark tone is perfectly fine, but when it’s continuously punishing with nothing behind it, it becomes a problem.)

He has a jello mouth as a result of a CGI removal of his mustache that he was preparing for Mission: Impossible – Fallout, but Henry Cavill as Superman is nothing short of perfect in the time he gets. The same goes for the rest of the embodiments of these fun characters. I left the theater hoping that this crew of actors gets to stick around for a few more films.

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#3: Aquaman (2018)

Aquaman feels closer to an 80’s cartoon in how it strives to become the ultimate popcorn flick. James Wan is going absolutely nuts with the visuals in this film; it’s easily the most visually interesting DCEU film to date with its uses of bright, flashy colors and eye-popping settings. Like every other Wan film, the camera zooms and zips through, across, and into the action without ever feeling obnoxious or tiring. Aquaman easily contains the best group of action set pieces in the DCEU library so far.

What holds Aquaman back from becoming an overwhelming sensation from a critical perspective is its inability to break away from the typical superhero storytelling formula. It’s scared to take chances and be bold on a thematic level, to move beyond what so many other superhero films have done and create something different. All character elements are tired and uninspired.

When a movie has multiple Pitbull covers of a Toto song, something went wrong.

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#2: Man of Steel (2013)

Zack Snyder’s first film in the DC Extended Universe was very divisive among fans. Looking to update the Superman character from the beloved, yet somewhat campy Christopher Reeve version of Superman, Henry Cavill’s version shocked many with its grit and darkness. Many people didn’t care for the overblown ending in which General Zod and Superman demolished Metropolis, either.

However, there’s a lot to like about this film, most notably Michael Shannon’s General Zod. One of best comic book movie villains of recent memory, you understand him and why he does what he does. Plus, Shannon has that evil stare down pat. (He’s been known to stare into people’s souls from time to time.)

As soon as that beautiful Hans Zimmer score begins, a lot of the film’s issues dissolve away and you open up to the film’s scope and epic feel, even if a lot of its thematic elements are misplaced.

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#1: Wonder Woman (2017)

This period piece does what the previous DC Extended Universe films failed to do by telling a cohesive story without an ounce of cynicism. Wonder Women is full of heart and emotion to the point where you can’t help but admire its feats.

Although the action is serviceable, the best moments of Wonder Woman come from the interactions between characters, especially Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. These two are magnetic as the leads of the film, showing solid chemistry in every single moment of the film. Even when the film dips into CGI action schlock from Hell with fire and darkness covering the screen in its tiring third act, there’s always that human connection to help you stay invested.

Above all else, Wonder Woman is an important film from a societal perspective without the need to be preachy. Women-led superhero films have come a long way since Supergirl in 1984.

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