Film Fiasco – ‘The Book of Henry’ (Another Bloody Movie Podcast)

The Book of Henry

Poor Colin Trevorrow.

You really have to feel sorry for the guy. No matter what he does in future, he’ll always be remembered as either one of two things; The filmmaker that got famously fired from directing Star Wars: Episode IX, or the guy that made The Book of Henry. 

Either title is a pretty tough cross to bear. But if The Book of Henry is what got Trevorrow fired from Star Wars in the first place, it would make perfect sense.

Join myself and Erik Tischer on the second ever edition of ABMP: Film Fiasco, as we discuss and dissect the thematically tone-deaf and emotionally manipulative rubbish that is The Book of Henry. From the bizarre interactions the adult and child characters have with each other, the ridiculously jarring tonal shifts and my theory that Henry would have grown up to become the Jigsaw killer, Erik and I cover it all.

Listen to the show via the Soundcloud link below.

On the next Film Fiasco, Erik and myself will be taking a trip to the circus as we rip into the “biographical” musical disaster, The Greatest Showmanwith special guest Ashley Matthews from


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Sean Coates

Sean Coates is a Screen Production student at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia and is MovieBabble's unofficial and self-appointed Australian Correspondent. Sean is also the creator/host of Another Bloody Movie Podcast.

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