Film Fiasco – ‘The Greatest Showman’ (Another Bloody Movie Podcast)

The Greatest Showman

A lot of people fell in love with The Greatest Showman upon its release in 2017. It took many on an emotional rollercoaster with its pop music and charming cast, leading to an extended theatrical run and an army of dedicated zealots risking all of their credibility to sing the film’s praises.

But guess what: it’s all lies!

In this latest edition of Film Fiasco, Erik Tischer and I are joined by special guest Ashley Matthews of to discuss just how fake this movie is at practically every level. From completely overrated and nauseating music to horribly misplaced sentimentality, this podcast devolves into more of a group therapy session than a discussion by the 1-hour mark.

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Sean Coates

Sean Coates is a Screen Production student at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia and is MovieBabble's unofficial and self-appointed Australian Correspondent. Sean is also the creator/host of Another Bloody Movie Podcast.

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  1. Olaf Lesniak says:

    If you guys wanted someone who loved it, I’m sitting here. Would’ve loved to give it a better chance in the convo. I think it’d also make for an interesting podcast. Maybe with a different format in style of Movie Fights over at Screen Junkies?

  2. Nick Kush says:

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