In October of 2016, I created MovieBabble to share my love for film with willing readers.  At MovieBabble, the primary goal is to provide no-nonsense film reviews that are meant to both inform and entertain.  There’s a lot of films to choose from, and it’s MovieBabble’s duty to make sure that you can make a solid decision for your own viewing experiences or be engaged in quality film discussion.

However, MovieBabble isn’t just limited to reviews.   The site takes part in discussing movie news as well as creating top ten lists and rankings of all different types of movies.  Sometimes, discussion of film can get too serious, so MovieBabble also takes part in creating satirical articles for your own enjoyment.  Even better, MovieBabble will also take an in-depth look into trends and stories in the industry, putting a unique spin on the conversation.  MovieBabble writers are offered practically complete artistic freedom, so you could see countless different articles on fascinating subjects.

MovieBabble is always listening to its readers.  So, if you have some thoughts on a post or how to progress the site forward, please speak up!  Your thoughts are always encouraged and welcomed.  MovieBabble is the “casual way to discuss movies,” so don’t be afraid to speak your mind via the comment section, email, or any other means of contact.

Acclaim and Professionalism

I (Nick Kush) am a current and active member of the Internet Film Critic Society, indicating that all reviews and other articles provide well-crafted opinions and a sense of professionalism that ensures that you are getting quality film criticism every step of the way.

Check out the Internet Film Critics Society website for more details.


All of my reviews end in a letter grade of the film in the typical A+ to F format.  I consider a movie that scores a “B-” or higher “fresh” by Rotten Tomatoes standards.  A “B-” grade expresses that the particular film has some type of promise which has enough payoff to be more enjoyable than not for the typical moviegoer.

Here’s a standard breakdown of how the site sees each grade as it pertains to a film’s merits:

F to D+: A misguided film that the reviewer will most likely never revisit

C- to C+: A watchable film that could be viewed again under the right circumstances but is still poorly constructed

B- to B+: A solid film that largely succeeds at its goals but still has some noticeable flaws

A- to A+: A must-see film


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Thank you visiting MovieBabble and enjoy the content!


-Nick Kush, Founder of MovieBabble


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