As a young adult, my love for movies has continued to grow as I learn more about the industry.  Like any person my age these days, I spent my days watching countless movie videos on YouTube.  My love of the movie industry continued to grow, but I didn’t think that enjoyment would leadImage result for movie to anything.  In October of 2016, I made the choice to move forward with my love of movies and create this website, entitled MovieBabble.

Clearly I’m not an expert in film.  However, with each movie I watch, I work to extract as much new information about everything movies.  This has led to a lot of study in areas like storytelling devices, clever camera tricks, and just about everything else.  My reviewing style may not contain the most stylistic writing in the world, but that’s also not my purpose.  At MovieBabble, my goal is to give you a casual discussion of movies that everyone can get involved in with their own discussion.  What’s the point of talking about movies when we’re speaking on different wavelengths?

Striving to bring you a fun, interactive way of movie discussion, I do all sorts of film Image result for moviecommentary.   This includes reviews of new releases, timeless classics, and other movies requested by fans!  In addition to reviews, I also take part in discussing movie news as well as create top ten lists and rankings of all different types of movies.

I’m always listening to my readers.  So, if you have some thoughts on a post or how to progress the site forward, please speak up!  Your thoughts are always encouraged and welcomed.  If you’d like to message me personally, please don’t hesitate to email me (contact information can be found in the contact page).  Thank you for being a part of my dream!


All of my reviews end in a letter grade of the film in the typical A+ to F format.  I would consider the movie “fresh” or “rotten” by Rotten Tomatoes standards to be a C+.  I consider a C+ grade to express that the film has some type of promise which has enough payoff to be more enjoyable than not for the typical moviegoer.


I have recently started a GoFundMe in order to increase funds to market the website in order to grow the MovieBabble brand!  If you feel inclined, please feel free to go to the following URL and donate whatever amount you see fit.  Every little bit counts and is greatly appreciated!



  1. Hi, thanks for the follow. I always check out a person’s posts before I follow back, so my follows are genuine. I really like your format and insight. I read one of your reviews for a movie I’ve seen, and it was great! People have different tastes, but the way you present your observations is like a tool for those of us reading it. I also read the one for Gifted, and now I know I want to watch that movie. I would probably have passed on it, but your input tells me it’s the kind of movie I enjoy. You have a knack for presenting basic information and your opinion in such a way that we get a more objective idea and can decide for ourselves what to do with that information. I’ll be checking back for sure!

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