Author: Nick Kush

Triple Frontier

Film Review – Triple Frontier (2019)

Triple Frontier had me feeling a bit nostalgic for a time when the crime thriller reigned over everything else in Hollywood. A few decades ago,...

Worst Movies of February 2019

The Worst Movies of February 2019

To be honest, I have absolutely no venom towards any of the movies featured in this article…and that’s precisely the biggest problem. Instead of making...

The Best Movies of January 2019

The Best Movies of January 2019

Ah January, you stinky, obnoxious turd. We meet again! With the holiday season over, Oscar-hopeful films expanding into more theaters, and studios saving their marketing...


Sundance Film Review – Share (2019)

I can picture the more standard version of Share in my head: it’s full of long diatribes, tearful wishes, and happy resolutions. A24’s Share, however, is far more...


Slamdance Film Review – Beats (2019)

I’ve always thought that Scotland has had an underrated film scene. Everyone always blurts out Braveheart as the first Scottish film to come to mind with a...