Author: Nick Kush

Hotel Transylvania

Every ‘Hotel Transylvania’ Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

Arguably one of the best things for a film studio is to see the sequel to one of their films vastly outperform the original.  For...


Film Review – Boundaries (2018)

From Sony Pictures Classics, Boundaries is the latest road trip movie to come to theaters. You would think that a movie with a solid cast that includes...

The Worst Movies of June 2018

The Worst Movies of June 2018

It’s understandable to make a bad movie.  It happens.  There’s so many moving parts that go into even the smallest production, whether it’s the direction,...

The Best Movies of June 2018

The Best Movies of June 2018

June might have been the best month for movies in 2018 thus far, bringing plenty of fascinating films that operate on totally different wavelengths.  You’d...

The First Purge

Film Review – The First Purge (2018)

We’ve come to the fourth Purge movie.  That’s right, the FOURTH. The once amazingly conceived premise has been run into the ground due to strong profitability (and...


Film Review – Tau (2018)

For Netflix, any film with serious talent attached is a solid addition to their ever-growing library.  Although we’d all prefer that films are viewed with...