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Best Revenge Movies

Top 5 Best Revenge Movies

The Foreigner released last weekend.  It’s about a business man with a mysterious past whose daughter is killed in a terrorist attack.  He wants to find out who was involved...

Harrison Ford

Top 5 Best Harrison Ford Films

With Blade Runner 2049 coming out this weekend, it’s a perfect time to take a look back at Harrison Ford‘s filmography and see which of his films stand out as some of...

Worst Movies of September

Worst Movies of September 2017

Although September injected some much needed life back into the box office, there was still some seriously bad movies in terms of quality.  September can always be sort of a...

Best Movies of September 2017

Best Movies of September 2017

After the graveyard that was August, September added some much needed juice to the movie industry.  Filled with demonic clowns, drugs, and assassins, there was certainly plenty of films to...

worst movies of august 2017

Worst Movies of August 2017

After a solid start to the summer, the most popular movie season of the year screeched to a halt in August.  Not only has the box office declined significantly, but...

best movies of august 2017

Best Movies of August 2017

Although August 2017 will most definitely be remembered for how bad it performed at the box office, there were still some solid flicks to see.  While the bigger films of...

Worst Movies of July 2017

Worst Movies of July 2017

If you’ve been following MovieBabble, then you already know that a certain film including emojis is one of the worst things to ever come to the big screen.  However, there...

best movies of july 2017

Best Movies of July 2017

After an great month for movies in June, July had a lot to live up to.  While there were some pretty serious stinkers, July had some hits of its own...