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Fast and Furious

Every ‘Fast and Furious’ Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

The Fast and Furious franchise may not be everyone’s favorite, but there’s no debating that it still has a massive built-in fan base and has...


Film Review – Skyscraper (2018)

Skyscraper, or, considering its familiar setup and story, Sky Hard — or maybe even Rock Hard if sexual innuendos are your bread and butter — is the latest action vehicle for...

Hotel Artemis

Film Review – Hotel Artemis (2018)

It’s no secret that mega-budgeted films are dominating the film industry and the conversation around it at the moment.  Thankfully, there’s still always room for...

Film Review – Bent (2018)

There are great action movies about out-for-justice characters, with bullets flying, car chases, and the like. And there are more intimate movies, driven by an...