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Blade Runner

November 2019: Thankfully, Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ Was Wrong

Blade Runner (1982) sure had a bleak view of what November 2019 would look like. Then again, that’s what neo-noir science fiction tends to do. Thankfully,...

Movie Monsters

Top 10 Best Movie Monsters

Horror movies wouldn’t be the same without horrifying monsters to chase the protagonists. Godzilla would be nothing without the giant radioactive lizard. What is King...


Film Review- Aliens (1986)

After the resounding reviews of Annihilation, it’s was time to look back and review a sci-fi classic. Alien is often considered to be one of the...


Film Review – Contact (1997)

Questions of our place in the universe have been mulled over in film for decades, and few have been more famous than 1997’s Contact.  This sweeping...

Top 10: Best Space Movies

After man set foot on the moon, society has had an insatiable fascination with space and what possibly lurks out in distant galaxies waiting to...