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Six Over-Advertised Movies of the 21st Century

Every year, movie fans have a plethora of new movies to look forward to. Whether it’s a summer blockbuster or winter spectacle, the build-up to...

Marvel Villains

5 Best and Worst Marvel Villains

Marvel Entertainment has now produced 20 movies since 2008 and pretty much all of them have very unique antagonists. Some of those Marvel villains are...

Best Movies of April 2018

Best Movies of April 2018

With movies that dominated at festivals last year, low-budget horror films that thrilled, and massive event films that changed the game for blockbuster filmmaking, April...


Top 10 Best Avengers Members

Avengers: Infinity War could very well be an overwhelming majority of people’s most anticipated movie of 2018. After Samuel L. Jackson appeared as Nick Fury at...

James Cameron

You’re One to Talk, Mr. Cameron

On Saturday, IndieWire reported that James Cameron hopes that moviegoers will soon develop “‘Avenger’ fatigue” because, in his own words, “there are other stories to...

April 2018 Movie Preview

April 2018 Movie Preview

April is normally the bridge to the summer movie season, containing a very eclectic group of films from week to week.  April 2018 is very...