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The Emoji Movie

Film Review – The Emoji Movie (2017)

The next marketing ploy disguised as a movie is here, The Emoji Movie!  Somehow, a script full of emojis got its very own movie and a prime release date during the...

Wish Upon

Film Review – Wish Upon (2017)

Although War for the Planet of the Apes will most likely win the weekend, there’s another movie that is getting released, Wish Upon!  From the director of Annabelle (oof) comes the story of...

Worst Movies of June 2017

Worst Movies of June 2017

Thankfully, June was a pretty stellar month for film.  The month was filled with great films such as Wonder Woman, The Big Sick, and Baby Driver.  Hell, even Captain Underpants...

worst movies of may 2017

Worst Movies of May 2017

Every month has some stinkers at the theaters, and May 2017 is no exception.  From pirates that have overstayed their welcome to Amy Schumer running around and pleading with the...

Worst Movies of April 2017

Worst Movies of April 2017

It’s fair to say that April 2017 was a lackluster month for film.  Although the bigger budget films didn’t necessarily tank, they couldn’t save April from the plethora of bad...


CHIPS (2017): An Abysmal Failure

A movie that came out last weekend, CHIPS is the re-imagining of the late-70’s TV show starring Erik Estrada for a new age.  The film was released to overwhelmingly negative...