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Film Review – The Perfection (2019)

The Perfection reportedly received rave reviews at its screening at Fantastic Fest and was described as being both “elegant” and “terrifying.” Such acclaims naturally piqued...

Best Movies of August 2018

The Best Movies of August 2018

In recent years, August has been a wasteland of sorts, caving in on itself after a plethora of blockbusters have sopped all of the money...


My 10 Best Movies Of 1998

July marked the 20th anniversary of the release of Saving Private Ryan, Steven Spielberg’s World War II Opus. This movie holds a special significance for...

The Worst Movies of July 2018

The Worst Movies of July 2018

Well, this article is probably long overdue. That’s what happens when life gets in the way — it has a funny way of doing that...

The Hobbit

What Exactly Went Wrong With The Hobbit?

In July, Amazon revealed the first concrete information about it’s upcoming Prime Original The Lord of The Rings prequel. They announced the show runners to be Godzilla vs....


Film Review – Puzzle (2018)

Puzzle (2018) might be a rare gem.  A foreign-born story that successfully migrates in to the U.S. One of the least tapped sources for American...