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New Year's Resolution

A Film Critic’s New Year’s Resolution List for 2019

I often find resolutions a bit hollow. I always chuckle to myself when I see all the resolutioners quickly begin to disappear from the gym...

Worst Movies of May 2018

Worst Movies of May 2018

Well, these movies hurt me.  As a critic, there’s only so much I can do to brace myself for terrible films.  For most of the...

Best Movies of May 2018

Best Movies of May 2018

There were a few high-profile movies that didn’t exactly end up becoming overwhelming hits last month — ∗cough∗ Solo ∗cough∗.  Still, May had its moments, and we...


Film Review – Anon (2018)

Anon is a science fiction detective thriller that tries to tackle issues about the extent to which individuals’ private information is available to others.  Some...

Lean on Pete

Film Review – Lean on Pete (2018)

With every passing month, it seems like A24 adds another quality film to their library.  Focusing on smaller stories that capture livelihoods that are rarely...


Film Review – Overboard (2018)

With Hollywood continuing to look for older properties to update for a new era, MGM has finally decided to modernize Overboard, a bizarre romantic comedy...