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The Room

Film Review – The Room (2003)

It was merely fate that one of my readers would request that I review The Room, and that day is finally here.  Often called the worst movie ever made, Tommy Wiseau’s...


Film Review – mother! (2017)

After a self-imposed sabbatical, Darren Aronofsky is back to entertain (?) with his next movie, mother!  With him are two of the most talented actors in the business, Jennifer Lawrence and...

Ingrid Goes West

Film Review – Ingrid Goes West (2017)

In a year bereft of of solid comedies, Aubrey Plaza is back once again to showcased her daring and often twisted sense of humor in Ingrid Goes West.  The film has...

Best Football Movies

Top 10 Best Football Movies

Now that the NFL is back in full force, football is on the minds of millions of people all across the United States.  Over the years, Hollywood has shared this...

What Is Philanthropy?

Film Review – What Is Philanthropy? (2013)

As a critic, it’s always a great opportunity to become aware of new films and the discussions that they create.  What Is Philanthropy? is no different.  In this week’s reader requested...

September 8th Box Office

Weekend of September 8th Box Office Report

After August which was one of the worst in recent history, the box office finally has a serious jolt after this past weekend.  Stephen King’s It not only put the 2017 box...