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The Room

Film Review – The Room (2003)

It was merely fate that one of my readers would request that I review The Room, and that day is finally here.  Often called the worst movie ever made, Tommy Wiseau’s...

Ingrid Goes West

Film Review – Ingrid Goes West (2017)

In a year bereft of of solid comedies, Aubrey Plaza is back once again to showcased her daring and often twisted sense of humor in Ingrid Goes West.  The film has...

September 1st box office

Weekend of September 1st Box Office Report

The box office continues to lag to almost a complete standstill as studios have written off releasing movies wide in theaters over Labor Day weekend.  In fact, the biggest opening...

worst movies of august 2017

Worst Movies of August 2017

After a solid start to the summer, the most popular movie season of the year screeched to a halt in August.  Not only has the box office declined significantly, but...

best movies of august 2017

Best Movies of August 2017

Although August 2017 will most definitely be remembered for how bad it performed at the box office, there were still some solid flicks to see.  While the bigger films of...

september 2017 movie preview

September 2017 Movie Preview

In a new recurring article to MovieBabble, a preview of the films to come in the following month will be listed and discussed.  The first month discussed will be September...