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Good Time

Film Review – Good Time (2017)

Although Robert Pattinson’s name still has somewhat of a stigma for casual moviegoers from his work in the Twilight series, those who have seen his recent work know that he is incredibly...

A Ghost Story

Film Review – A Ghost Story (2017)

Coming off his win for Best Actor at this past year’s Academy Awards, Casey Affleck then decided to tackle an odd role as a ghost depicted by having a bed...

Free Fire

Free Fire (2017): An Off-Kilter Shoot Em’ Up

When faced with a smaller budget, many independent films turn to a story that takes place in a small or confined locations.  A new release this weekend, Free Fire, is...


Gifted (2017): A Super Sweet, Uplifting Film

Before the summer movie season kicks off with a blockbuster coming out seemingly every single week, there are a few smaller films that are looking to capitalize on this lull...