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50 States

The Best Movies Filmed in All 50 States (Part 2)

What’s up, fellow MovieBabble fans! It’s your girl, Kali, back at you again with part 2 of this highly acclaimed, Emmy award-winning series! In the...

The Best Movies of July 2018

The Best Movies of July 2018

It seems like every month in 2018 I’ve started these “best of” articles with something to the effect of “hey, this month was pretty great!”...

Best War Movies

Top 10 Best War Movies of All Time

War has a knack for offering a visceral impact on the big screen.  War movies can provide massively scaled fights on a battlefield or merely...

best actresses of all-time

Top 10 Best Actresses of All Time

Recently, I went through the annals of cinema history and compiled a list of the greatest actors of all-time.  Of course, that list disregards the...

Top 10 Best Comedies of All-Time

We all love a good comedy.  When done correctly, they can keep you laughing well after they’re finished.  There’s been a lot of great comedies...