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Most Anticipated Films of 2020

Our Most Anticipated Films of 2020

2019 delivered some great cinema! While the return of great directors like Tarantino and Scorsese has been the highlight of awards season, we also saw...


The Best Movies of July 2019

These best/worst of the month articles are always an opportunity to express my exaggerated concerns with the industry as a whole. However, July was actually...

Worst Movies of 2018

Top 10 Worst Movies of 2018

Although I praised 2018 for its wonderful additions to cinema, there’s always a few turds that come out over the year. Whether the problem is studios...

I, Tonya

Film Review – I, Tonya (2017)

Margot Robbie is growing into a powerhouse in Hollywood.  From her involvement in countless big budget projects to creating her own production company, she’s becoming...