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Downton Abbey

‘Downton Abbey’ Makes History, ‘Ad Astra’ Impresses, and the Awards Race Begins to Take Shape (The MovieBabble Podcast Ep. 37)

Focus Features made history with the release of Downton Abbey this weekend which went on to earn approximately $31 million, which became the studio’s largest...

The Best Movies of November 2018

The Best Movies of November 2018

November is an underrated movie month. Thanksgiving sees plenty of blockbusters roll into theaters to take advantage of people being off work and spending time...

Green Book

Film Review – Green Book (2018)

I always admire when individuals in film attempt to rebrand themselves or step outside of their comfort zones. For director Peter Farrelly, Green Book is his chance...

First Man

Film Review – First Man (2018)

Sometimes film has an awe-inspiring quality that says, “nothing can quite recapture this moment like we can.” Damien Chazelle’s third film First Man has that quality in spades,...

I, Tonya

Film Review – I, Tonya (2017)

Margot Robbie is growing into a powerhouse in Hollywood.  From her involvement in countless big budget projects to creating her own production company, she’s becoming...

Best Movies of December 2017

Best Movies of December 2017

December was chock full of films that were looking to both entertain and contend for awards.  Luckily for all of us, that meant that there...