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September 15th Box Office

Weekend of September 15th Box Office Report

Now that we are finally in the midst of September, groups of new films are making their way to theaters every week.  However, those new films continue to pale in...

Best Football Movies

Top 10 Best Football Movies

Now that the NFL is back in full force, football is on the minds of millions of people all across the United States.  Over the years, Hollywood has shared this...

September 1st box office

Weekend of September 1st Box Office Report

The box office continues to lag to almost a complete standstill as studios have written off releasing movies wide in theaters over Labor Day weekend.  In fact, the biggest opening...

worst movies of august 2017

Worst Movies of August 2017

After a solid start to the summer, the most popular movie season of the year screeched to a halt in August.  Not only has the box office declined significantly, but...

best movies of august 2017

Best Movies of August 2017

Although August 2017 will most definitely be remembered for how bad it performed at the box office, there were still some solid flicks to see.  While the bigger films of...

August 11th Box Office

Weekend of August 11th Box Office Report

With the summer season coming to a close, the box office has also taken a dip, failing to reclaim the heights of previous weeks.  However, because most larger blockbusters were...

August 4th Box Office

Weekend of August 4th Box Office Report

This past weekend had the lowest box office totals of the entire summer with people seemingly staying home rather than checking out some of Hollywood’s new releases.  However, there’s still...