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‘Scarborough’ is a Challenging and Intimate Portrayal of An Uncomfortable Subject

A teacher engaging in a sexual/romantic relationship with his/her sixteen-year-old student is a subject fraught with a moral quandary — besides the fact that it’s...


The Best Movies of May 2019

Sorry, but UglyDolls will not be making an appearance on this list of the best movies of May 2019. Let’s all take a moment of...

Worst Movies of April 2019

The Worst Movies of April 2019

Many in the industry (including yours truly) have consistently noted the power of Netflix in a continuously changing marketplace. Their platform has allowed for some...

Best Snacks

The Best Snacks for the Best Movies

Watching a good movie is an enlightening experience. But there’s something that people don’t know about good movies — they have to be paired with...