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Worst Movies of September

Worst Movies of September 2017

Although September injected some much needed life back into the box office, there was still some seriously bad movies in terms of quality.  September can...

Best Movies of September 2017

Best Movies of September 2017

After the graveyard that was August, September added some much needed juice to the movie industry.  Filled with demonic clowns, drugs, and assassins, there was...

September 22nd-24th Box Office

September 22nd-24th Box Office Report

This past weekend saw three new films get wide releases in theaters, making for a crowded September 22nd-24th box office.  With more and more popular...

september 2017 movie preview

September 2017 Movie Preview

In a new recurring article to MovieBabble, a preview of the films to come in the following month will be listed and discussed.  The first...