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Miss Bala

Film Review – Miss Bala (2019) [Video]

So “Bala” translates to “Bullet” in English. That’s right, Columbia Pictures released a hard-edged, tough as nails crime thriller entitled Miss Bullet. Shoosh, these jokes write...


Film Review – Loveless (2018)

Following an incredibly successful limited release run in 2017 that culminated in a nomination in the most recent Academy Awards in the category of Best...


Five Reasons Why Venom Will Bomb

Since the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony decided to collaborate with Disney and implement Spider-Man to join the sandbox. This hasn’t stopped Sony from...


Does the Venom Trailer Sell Anything Worth Watching?

In 2016, Deadpool broke barriers, becoming a huge hit as a R-rated comic book movie. After bringing in big numbers, Deadpool allowed for Logan to earn an R-rating. Obviously, Logan was recently nominated for Best...