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Lucy in the Sky

‘Lucy in the Sky’ with Diamonds: A Rare Oddity

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to go to space. To be outside our reach. To see the world from this...

First Man

Film Review – First Man (2018)

Sometimes film has an awe-inspiring quality that says, “nothing can quite recapture this moment like we can.” Damien Chazelle’s third film First Man has that quality in spades,...


Film Review – Contact (1997)

Questions of our place in the universe have been mulled over in film for decades, and few have been more famous than 1997’s Contact.  This sweeping...


Film Review – Interstellar (2014)

The latest reader requested review comes from a dear friend and covers one of the most ambitious films of the last decade, Interstellar!  Christopher Nolan‘s mind-bending...

Top 10: Best Space Movies

After man set foot on the moon, society has had an insatiable fascination with space and what possibly lurks out in distant galaxies waiting to...