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Fighting With My Family

Film Review – Fighting With My Family (2019)

It seems like there are far too many sports biopics that focus on a player, team, or organization, but there’s hardly any biopics on athletes from sports...

Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year: Play Ball!

Time to celebrate Rookie of the Year’s 25th anniversary! I’ll be honest — Rookie of the Year (1993) will never be near as good as The Sandlot (1993), but it’s sure...


Film Review – Paterno (2018)

Penn State had to fundamentally change after reports surfaced of widespread child abuse and sexual assault at the hands of former assistant football coach Jerry...


Short Film Review – Bound (2013)

Short film is often a proving ground for aspiring filmmakers to show their skills and move into other projects.  While the team behind Bound has already gone...

best basketball movies

Best Basketball Movies

This past Thursday, the NBA draft was held in Brooklyn, allowing for the next wave of stars to be congratulated for their achievements thus far....

Top 10: Best Sports Movies

Sports movies have the ability to enthrall us while also making us feel really great.  With the Super Bowl festivities winding down, I thought it...