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Quantum of Solace

‘Quantum of Solace’ and the James Bond Legacy

It’s hard to believe that Quantum of Solace is already ten years old. Looking back, did it add much to the James Bond franchise, or...


Film Review – Beirut (2018)

On January 11th of this year, Bleecker Street released its trailer for Beirut, a fictional story set during the Lebanese Civil War in the early 1980’s. ...

Red Sparrow

Film Review – Red Sparrow (2018)

Spy thrillers don’t get much more brutal than Francis Lawrence’s Red Sparrow.  Filled with sex and torture that will rank among some of the most uncomfortable...

American Assassin

Film Review – American Assassin (2017)

September is normally a time where movies that aren’t quite “Oscar-worthy” in terms of premise or genre get released.  American Assassin sits firmly in this category...