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Every Spider-Man Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

After Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tom Holland became the third man to act as the web-slinger in his own movie in fifteen years.  Let us all take...

Wonder Woman

Film Review – Wonder Woman (2017)

Putting it lightly, the DC Extended Universe has gotten off to a bumpy start with Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad.  However,...

Suicide Squad

Film Review – Suicide Squad (2016)

After the disappointment that was Batman V Superman, many DC fans then turned to Suicide Squad as the possible savior of the DCEU.  Many cited its seemingly lighter tone...

man of steel

Film Review – Man of Steel (2013)

Wonder Woman, the fourth DC Extended Universe film, is about to be released in theaters.  Leading up to its release, the first three DCEU films...

Power Rangers

Film Review – Power Rangers (2017)

Children of the 90’s have been waiting to watch one movie this year: Saban’s Power Rangers.  This darker reboot of the popular television show has...

Every X-Men Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

A lot has changed in the superhero landscape since Bryan Singer’s X-Men was released in 2000.  There’s obviously been plenty of other attempts at superheroes...