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F Is For ‘Fractured’ (and That’s Being Generous)

Fractured is from the writer of such cinematic milestones as Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever, Wrong Turn 5, and The Marine 4, which is the third sequel to a...


Film Review – Us (2019)

Get Out was a comet that smacked into the middle of the public consciousness, igniting a groundswell of buzz, discussion, and more memes than Twitter...


What Exactly is Huluween?

Hulu is 12 days into their Huluween special and it boasts an impressive 200+ titles in the horror genre PLUS two new Hulu Originals! These movies...


Film Review – Searching (2018)

We live in a time where abduction thrillers are popping up once every year. Studios try to repeat the success of 2009’s Taken. There have...

Film Review – The Babadook (2014)

Considering the main releases this weekend are Gold (ugh), Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (UGH), and A Dog’s Purpose (UUGGHH), I thought it be nice...