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Blade Runner

November 2019: Thankfully, Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ Was Wrong

Blade Runner (1982) sure had a bleak view of what November 2019 would look like. Then again, that’s what neo-noir science fiction tends to do. Thankfully,...


Film Review – Tau (2018)

For Netflix, any film with serious talent attached is a solid addition to their ever-growing library.  Although we’d all prefer that films are viewed with...


Film Review – Upgrade (2018)

During the summer movie season, there’s plenty of massive films that we all know are coming.  Infinity War started the party, eventually giving way to Deadpool 2,...

Future of Film

What Exactly is the Future of Film?

With the rise of streaming and other developments in recent years, the film industry has gotten even murkier.  Studios and other business entities are scrambling...