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5 Christmas Movies for a Darkly Fun Holiday

While the TV channels will be flooded this season with A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, and numerous other traditional comedies and heartfelt dramas,...

The Best Movies of July 2018

The Best Movies of July 2018

It seems like every month in 2018 I’ve started these “best of” articles with something to the effect of “hey, this month was pretty great!”...

American Made

Film Review – American Made (2017)

Before the calendar switches to October and the awards season begins, Tom Cruise and Doug Liman are back with another collaboration in American Made, the story of...

The Mummy

Film Review – The Mummy (2017)

The next big action vehicle for Tom Cruise comes with greater importance to a hopeful franchise, The Mummy!  Setting the staged for the proclaimed Dark Universe,...

Jack Reacher

Film Review – Jack Reacher (2012)

With the sequel Jack Reacher: Never Go Back coming out this coming weekend, I thought it be fun to revisit the original Jack Reacher!  As...