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The Green Mile

‘The Green Mile’ is Just a Spicy ‘Saving Private Ryan’

The Green Mile celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, so of course, we need to discuss it. However, the same old ideas get discussed in...


Top 10 Best Movie Battles

‘Tis the season for emotional death scenes and warfaring set pieces it seems! Between Endgame’s arrival last month and Game of Thrones’ final season, war...

12 Strong

Film Review – 12 Strong (2018)

Hollywood has made a living off of displaying the heroic acts of some of our finest soldiers, showing how war takes a physical and mental...

Best War Movies

Top 10 Best War Movies of All Time

War has a knack for offering a visceral impact on the big screen.  War movies can provide massively scaled fights on a battlefield or merely...


Film Review – Dunkirk (2017)

Christopher Nolan is many’s favorite director of all-time, and he has a new film in theaters, Dunkirk!  Many pointed to this film as a contender...