Top 10: Best Matt Damon Movies

Nick Kush

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  1. If you’re up for a bit of Martian humor… I entered the following short story for a wine tasting contest, and sure would appreciate any likes. Thanks folks 🙂

  2. Hannah says:

    Good Will Hunting is one of my favorite movies! This is a great list.

  3. beccacyr says:

    The Talented Mr. Ripley should also be on there! I think it was one of his first movies but it’s definitely underrated, great film. Good list otherwise!

  4. Miles says:

    I loved the Departed, but you missed Rounders. I love that movie. I my opinion, Rounders is worth a place on this list, maybe in the first half. If you haven’t seen it, add it to your queue!

  5. great list, I agree

  6. raistlin0903 says:

    A couple of my alltime movies in this list, both Interstellar and Good Will Hunting were absolutely phenomenal. Great post this one, really enjoyed reading this 😊

    • MovieBabble says:

      Thanks so much! Much appreciated. I think Interstellar may be appreciated more down the road since it’s so ambitious and different from other films. I dare say, it may be a little too high brow at times lol

  7. Ghezal says:

    Fantastic list! I gotta say, I will forever love Damon in that first Bourne film

  8. I love most of these movies. The Bourne movies, The Martian and The Departed are definitelly my favorites. Although, I usually watch most Matt Damon movies as I know that they’ll probably are going to be pretty good. Have you watched his new movie?? … I can’t recall the name but it’s something to do with China…

  9. Karandi says:

    I absolutely loved The Departed. It tells a great story, it nails the timing on so many lines and plot points and it is just compelling viewing.

  10. The problem with The Martian is that they skipped over a lot of stuff which was there in the books. Some key plot points didn’t make the final cut. The movie was not half as good as the book was. The books was extremely good

  11. I love the departed. One of my all time favorites.

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